I have taken many workshops to further the study of painting. The local and national teachers are:  

Meredith Abbott, Marcia Burtt, Michael Drury, Auturo Tello, Glenna Hartmann, Thomas Van Stein, Joe Pacquet, Randall Sexton, Gregory Hull, Frank Serrano and others.

 In all of them I found inspiration and insight.

I am a graduate of University of California at Los Angeles
I have taken art classes at Long Beach State University and the following:

San Jose State University
West Valley College in Saratoga, CA
Santa Barbara Community College
Santa Barbara Adult Education
Art Docent at the Los Angeles Museum of Art 1960 to 1964


California Art Club
Goleta Valley Art Association
"SCAPE" Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment
Santa Barbara Art Association
Santa Barbara Visual Arts